1.000.000 USD CRPT burn 🔥

Recently choise.com has come up with a chance to win a whopping 1 million dollars.

The ONE person who predicts some future price of CHO will win it.

This announcement which will change the world for ONE person came not long after choise.com made clear it had abandoned the goal of reaching a 30% CRPT burn :fire: by mid 2023.

I would like to call upon choise.com to change the world a bit for all CRPT holders by investing 1.000.000 to buy CRPT against currents prices and burn them.

Don’t change one persons :earth_americas:, make life better for ALL CRPT holders.

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It’s called a “marketing tactic”. This guy here… Geez. :roll_eyes:

He has a valid point. People seem to forget people like him are what catapulted crpt currently choice.com. He joined in ICO. Deadlines weren’t met, crpt wasn’t burned as stated and now a pivot to a contest where one person will win a million. While that’s great. I see a valid point to David’s argument, they could have burned 12.5 million crpt with that. If that were up to the community, I guarantee you, 80% would agree to take that million, buy crpt and burn it. Again, I think the contest is great, I don’t think it’s a powerful marketing strategy though. I didn’t see a great influx of new users, did you? I don’t see Cho seeders picking up speed, do you? I watched crpt seeders fill up quick, then watched big players step away from crpt after the Cho pivot.

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I agree that they could share the $1 million dollars to many other customers instead of giving to just one. Like $250 thousands dollars to 4 customers. That would be much better in my opinion

Would be great to live in a world where I could have everything my way, but unfortunately, Burger King doesn’t even get it right.

Agree fully. A crpt burn for example makes much more sense. Or pay for listing on binance


Consider burning all your crpt for the better good. The point of DAO is to discuss and make the ecosystem better. Thinking you’re superior by belittling is counterproductive, thanks for your consideration

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Well in my opinion we must respect and understand the point of view of everyone here. I think we have to stick to the plan, 30% burn by the end of 2023.

Then I believe that it will be left up to people that use the app. If everyone wants 30% of CRPT burned, then we need to make it happen on an organic level. The constant complaining is only driving new people away. What are we doing to support our own investment, here?

It’s not complaining okay. It’s just a fact. A promise was made. Let’s try to come up with another idea. Any ideas regarding CRPT burning?

Don’t know how much time you are following. 30% crpt burn was originally put by the company and they even asked people holding tokens to contribute. That is why in a specific month they accumulated (see app) and burned 1.2 million tokens (July 2021). They later decided that they will not support such a burn. AND HERE we are just saying that instead of giving a 1m gift to 1 person they could have used that money to burn tokens