Availability of tokens in CeFi: more please!

Currently we can buy 38 tokens in the app, I’d like to be able to buy more, let’s say all tokens in CMC top 100.


I agree, but the top 100 always changes, do you think we need to pick the Best 100 tokens instead of Top 100?

Hello David. We’re currently in proccess of intergration with top crypto custodian platform - Fireblocks, which will allow us to increase availability of new tokens in the app. Expected in a month approximately.


Sounds great!! Think it wil help in attracting more users :+1:t3:
Maybe an idea to give a community wide update on this in Telegram?

Great news. Do you guys have any idea when this integration will finish?

I only care about them adding BNB.

We really need BNB in the app. But we also need other coins/tokens and also another blockchain besides ERC-20 available. That is urgent.

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