BUSD stable coin to the application [#007]

Summary: [BUSD stable coin to the app]
Abstract: [Would like to see more popular stable coins in the app]
Motivation: [I was wondering if there are already BNB and USDT, why is the popular BUSD stable coin missing in the app?]
Specification: [ No one will argue that Binance is one of the leading players in the crypto industry and everyone is guided by them. Would be great for choise users to have more Binance coins in]
Conclusion: [ Adding top stable coins to the application will expand our trading options]

Hello Element115! We have received your proposal. Your proposal has been forwarded to our team and we will get back to you with our feedback within 60 days.

Hello, Element115!

Here is our feedback on your proposal - BUSD stablecoin is now available in Choise.com App for all transactions.
Thank you for your involvement!

Moreover, we have added BUSD interest accounts to our product line, APY depends on the deposit term:
3 month — 5.5%
6 months — 7%
12 months — 8.6%
18 months — 9.8%
18 months — 5.6%
24 months — 10.7%