Buying CRPT with CHO for the 2023 30% 🔥?

We all remember of course the intention of to :fire: 30% (roughly 27.500.000) of circulating CRPT tokens by 2023.

It’s not obvious how they are planning to achieve this, so one possible option could be buying CRPT with CHO.

I think it’s an option that could and should be considered. It increases the value of CRPT and reduces the amount of circulating CHO as well.

What do you think?


It all depends on both token’s value at the time of such a transaction. I need to emphasise that public declarations were not always followed in the past but lately the company is much more punctual. However they do this, it is something promised and I sincerely hope it is done. It will help the value of crpt grow a lot!


That’s good option. I don’t know why the management is not even discussing about 30% burn anymore.
They are not even giving updates on CEFI project, like CRPT roadmap, Visa card for America, bank transfers etc. When ever we ask about it, they just say it will happen. What do you think about it?


Hi Krish, I think you are raising a valid point. Why don’t you start a new topic ‘CeFi roadmap’?!


Hi, I agree with you. And the CHO used to buy CRPT should be bought on the market and not taken from reserves


Why should it be bought from the market, you feel?

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sounds good.especially after the activate of cho, crpt seems cool down


Hi fellow members…about burning crpt, i guess you are aware of 0,5% of the buy/sell amount is going to be burnt if i got it right. A suggestion…what if we could agree on on certain days and time over the week that we sell or buy crpt for creating more volatility for trading and then more crpt for burning.


I also feel the release of a US Visa card will be crucial to increasing the burn rate!!
Another most important thing is we can’t use our bank debit or credit cards to buy some crypto in the choise app. I would say at least 95% of bank cards from the North American region are not working in the app.

For example, I always wanted to buy Cypro from the Crypterium app, in the last 4 years, none of my cards allowed me to buy anything from the app.

I have accounts in two Canadian banks and one US bank.
I have 3 debit cards and 7 credit cards. None of them worked. I am not sure if this is an issue with the app or Banks. If there is no hassle in this, then this will also increase the burn rate of crpt.

FYI: I can use my Canadian debit card, US debit card, and a few credit cards to buy Crypto easily from Coinbase, why not from crypterium? :confused: