Call for transparency regarding B2B projects

Don’t know about you, but I’ve been somewhat worried about the fact that monthly :fire: is declining. This of course means that transactions are declining.

Of course we’re in a crypto winter but, as we’ve understood many B2B projects ought to be up and running by now (are they indeed?).

I can understand maybe(?) cannot name their B2B partners, but I’d like to know how many are active, in which phase etc.

What do you think?


Last time I spoke with Austin a few months ago I asked the same question. At that stage he said that although they have signed with many B2B only very few were up and running. But it is concerning that burning rate is so low with such low prices of the crpt token. Lets see now with implementation. More money into the app means also more crypto/fiat transactions. Big interest rates on defi deposits offered in the app should definitely bring in more users and more crypto/fiat transactions. Now that you have raised this I also wanted to say that the burn chart should change with the release of the redesigned app ignoring the 1.2m burned in July 2021 to show a fairer bars chart…