Charism and exchange

now we are connecting to Charism with a wallet, so why not connect to the exchange as well? ( Binance etc)


Hello davut1karabulut! Please supplement any ideas you have with detailed information about how it can be useful and what is the goal. It can be difficult for community to develop a structured discussion from a single line. Thank you!

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Wouldn’t it be nice to trade not only with my balance in the wallet, but also with my balance on the exchange?

for example, instead of transferring tokens from binance to wallet, transacting through the Charism app.

linking a binance account instead of a wallet?

I guess post listing on this feature would be greatly appreciated!

Good question without an answer. Why not connect with all 3 CEX exchanges that we are listed?

Yep, I guess we are all waiting for a reply from team. Come on guys we need an answer regarding this topic.