CHO Vesting Change

I don’t really understand the point in slowing the release of already vested tokens a a fraction of percentage. There was no prior mention of this and it seems that it was only brought about to prevent people from dumping tokens and the price. It was mentioned that this was the best vesting, but best for who? I already put in 6 months. I want what is rightfully mine, when it was scheduled to be. No surprises.

Maybe because this way there won’t be a big dump on the token price. Releasing small amounts that wouldn’t happen. Just a guess. I didn’t understand either and would like to know the real reason.

Of course they did it to prevent a token dump. I would have done the same thing. Its actually pretty ingenious to keep the price fairly stable and community moral up.

Yep, I agree with you on this. They did the right thing specially with this bear market the way it is.

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Guys whether price is going down? People are dumping? Can anyone tell me about it? Any info?