Choise Chobies Nothing But Profit and Potential?

On the surface, Choise’s Chobies look like a great opportunity to get 1000 CHO for $150 during their “green stage”. Even at todays market price of $0.84, that’s a $690 profit. Even at its “Purple Stage”, that’s still a solid profit of $590. With potential prizes of low vesting times to $100K and a lambo, there seems to be no downside to this recent campaign. Is this a solid "nothing but profit campaign, or is there something I am missing here?

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Nope. I have to agree with you 100%. The only thing is that the CHO price is $0.91 today and it’s holding pretty nice so far. The NTO will be a success I have no doubt about it. team did a great job so far.

Good point… As you might have read,’s aim is to acquire a Total of 33 Mill in this round, of which 10 Mill is used to:

“ Buybacks: $10M to buy CHO back from from early seed and private investors, thus increasing the demand for the token and its price”

The reason they have to raise money to do this, is of course the fact that cho has got no ‘real life demand’.

Cho, at this point, is nothing more that a way to create money. This money will go to and maybe to its owners.

The aim is to

• User retention: $12M to acquire and retain 2M active users, thus bolstering the usage of our native CHO token;
• Buybacks: $10M to buy CHO back from from early seed and private investors, thus increasing the demand for the token and its price;
• Product improvement: $6M to improve our product line and fund the development of new services, catering to the needs of both retail and institutional crypto investors;
• Exchange listing: $5M to improve CHO listing strategy so that the token is supported by the biggest exchanges.

The most important of the above being the first item mentioned, not because of the fact that active users ‘bolster the usage of cho’, but because of the fact an active User brings income for the company.

An active User also means: burning of crpt token, and because I hold some crpt, its all good to me.

What then, will happen to cho?

Well, IF they find something that really structurally bolsters demand, it will hold, otherwise, eventually, its price will come down.

But won’t mind, because by then it will have served it purpose.

I think you misunderstood what I posted, although you make some good points. I meant it was a “nothing but profit campaign” for anyone that buys the Chobies, due to current market value of CHO. But it will be hard to tell what the price will be after the lockup and vesting. Really hoping by then that the CHO will have a highly desired utility. I am hopeful that the team will make certain of it. Time will tell.