Ambassador Program

What do you think about Ambassador Program?
Will it be successful or will go the same way as DAO…
Another question is why DAO has no support from the project but Ambassador Program is being pushed to the community almost every day.

Those are interesting points, you adress.

The ambassador program is about ‘doing marketing for the company and getting some CHO in return’.

The DAO-Forum was supposed to ‘engage in a constructive dialogue and start a real cooperation’.

The difference between the two -as I see it- is the position of the company relative to its community member:

With the DAO-Forum this relationship should be more equal, and it seems to me this company isn’t equipped to handle this kind of collaboration yet.

I think they abandoned the idea of a real DAO because of this point.

This of course comes with a problem because CHOs primary utility was supposed to be a voting-right in the DAO, and now we have a use-less CHO, and nobody -for now- mentions the DAO or DAO-Forum at the company…

Well in my opinion the Ambassador program has everything to become a success. team is working hard for it. So far so good.