in America (USA). Would we like to get an update?

I am very interested to hear from management what exactly are the issues surrounding a move to the USA.

What’s taking us so long to move there?

  • Is it issues with (upcoming) regulation?
  • Does it have to do with first finishing as a product?
  • is it because of the instability of the app not being able to increase it’s workload?
  • other…. what do you think?

What are your thoughts on the issues, people, and would you also like an update?


Yes its been so long! No new roadmaps are neither published. I strongly believe that these should be made availiable so that believers in the project keep believing…


Thx for your reply, bro, what do you think is the reason is the reason it takes this long?

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That’s what I would like to find out. Why is this not active yet. I understood from previous communications many months ago that a new partnership which would allow the issue of a Mastercard would be used in many countries including the USA. Since then pure silence. I am hoping that the reason for the delay is to release the full choice product and then procced. I really hope this is the reason!


Yes!! We want a proper answer from the management, why it’s taking so long and what are hard blockers for them to implement it? So many crypto companies are issuing US based cards or atleast allowing the customers to buy in their platform using US bank cards.


yep… we have no news about anything, we deserve some updates about a lot of things


Thx for your support!


I’m afraid that the main reason of this situation is political. Officialy choise is from Lithuania, but everybody knows that this is Russian company… I think that it’s Americans /visa are blocking move to USA, until political situation will settle down…


Interesting thought!


I think team still working on this. They didn’t give us any time frame but I really hope we will see some good news in the nearest future. Can you guys imagine what will happen with CRPT token? Sky rocket baby.

Well it would be great. So let’s wait and think positive that they will achieve this goal.