CRPT holders fear

CRPT holders are the oldest one in project. It is a big pleasure to talk to them however I have a question.
I am wondering why there is so much fear around CRPT?
“CRPT was is and will be the main token in the project” so why is there big distrust of the CHO token then?
These two have different facilities and purposes.

So what’s the fuss?


Good question!

The main reason lies in the area of trust, I feel. One example: this DAO-Forum’s second proposal is about a wished update regarding the 30% burn :fire: promise that was (sort of) made a year or so back. Austin then was cited that (then) Crypterium would be buying back tokens from the market. We haven’t had an update since, but also haven’t gotten a reply on this proposal within the stated 30 days.

Other example: the B2B business at this point in time doesn’t burn CRPT as was promised, the value of CRPT is horrible, many times community managers have mentioned the last 18 months that ‘the team is still working on the new CRPT roadmap’, but nothing has been seen. Then the people of us who are is some more restricted Telegram Groups with members of find it hard to actually engage in dialogue etc etc.

The CRPT token holders that are still here -and still stick with the company- are also the most critical as they have been on the other side of many promises that seem to disappear in some kind of ‘fog’, where it can’t be seen to move.

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good points as always, why the rest of the community is staying off the topic, huh?

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I think that’s partly because of the fact the company has chosen to not reply to the CRPT :fire: proposal.

If only one of the senior managers of the company would have adressed this issue in a small video (Hey guys, we know that … etc.)

And of course I have messaged Austin and Vladimir directly on this issue.

But nothing has come,… I think it’s not strange that as a consequence motivation to participate in this DAO-to-be has decreased…

Anybody else an opinion on this?