DAO is DOA? What exactly are we doing, here?

I’m a bit confused over the DAO. How are more people not on and contributing, yet? We need DeFi CHO related services, or at least get the voting system up and running for holders with unlocked tokens.

This DAO died at October 22nd 2022 after the rejection of the DAO proposal on transparency regarding the 30% CRPT burn…
Before that we had some 25 active members.

A few days later I posted the following:

As for now choise.com has created money out of thin air with CHO, and nobody’s YET asking after the promise underlying their investment as CHO’s price is quite stable.

BUT within 18 months many tens of millions of tokens will be unlocked and price at that point will only remain stable if a huge demand for it has been created by then.

Where should this demand come from?

Right: from the real-life utility of the token.

And there’s the point: at this point in time CHO has got NO real-life utility, especially no DAO.

The DAO is -in a way- the raison d’etre (throwing in some French :wink:) for CHO.

In this phase, it should be choise.com’s ongoing efforts and interventions that keep the DAO Forum going.

Instead the company is silent. It doesn’t mention DAO activity, doesn’t incentivize activity, nor does it celebrate proposals, or reply in time to proposals.

It’s silent in a phase when it should be actively engaging, and now silence is spreading and covering the DAO.

This silence is matching the deafening absence of a white paper regarding the evolution of the CHO utilities.