Discourse & Proposal Process

We are pleased to launch Discourse platform which is a main communication channel for our DAO. Here Choise.com community can have a voice that will be heard.

Why Discourse

Discourse is one of the best open-source discussion platforms. Discourse is a modern take on the old school forum with its robust analytics, gamification and member trust levels. There is almost unlimited potential to customize the look and feel of our forum with Discourse. Conversations are organized based on categories, subcategories, and topics with the ability to tag conversations.


Choise.com DAO has different categories that cover all major topics. Categories help us to keep discussions about the ideas organized. Here we have the following categories:

  • Welcome. * Welcome! This category provides you with all the necessary information to get started. You can also find the most useful guidelines and frequently asked questions here.
  • Ecosystem & Partners: This category is for products related to Choise.com ecosystem. For any suggestions regarding new apps that Choise.com could connect to, or for discussion of the existing connections within the ecosystem.
  • Project Development Map: This category would be more general and could include any ideas related to the project roadmap, important milestones and future development trend.
  • Creativity & Incentives: Offering attractive incentives to the community is a part of most successful DAOs. This category should be used to discuss any ideas that could help the community to grow and give people the chance to earn CHO tokens or be rewarded in other ways. Don’t hesitate to offer any creative ideas that you have.
  • DeFi Products discussion: We have some key DeFi products in the Choise.com ecosystem, but it’s never late to discuss more new ones or to see some ways to improve existing service.
  • CeFi Products discussion: CeFi is a strong part of Choise.com, so let’s use this category to discuss it and improve it even more. Any suggestions, remarks and ideas are welcome.
  • CHO token: Purely related to CHO token. This category could have anything related to it, including tokenomics, CHO role in the ecosystem etc.
  • Uncategorized: Topics that don’t need a category, or don’t fit into any other existing category.
  • Proposals: This category is to present a structured proposal that was previously discussed in the related category and filled up with community ideas. Our moderators will approve each of these proposals, as they need to be constructive. Please follow proposal process and our template (appendix) to properly present your proposal.

If you are unsure of which category to post in, simply submit your post to Uncategorized and a moderator will help categorize it.

Proposal Process Rules

  1. Collect Information
    It is recommended to get as much feedback as possible from the various channels of communication before introducing a formal proposal. Create a topic in a specific category and draw attention to the discussion.
  2. Prepare Proposal
    Once proposer feel that he has received sufficient support in the community, a proposal should be formally developed according to the Draft Proposal Template. You can find it in the Appendix section.
  3. Submit Proposal
    To submit a proposal, a proposer need to navigate to the Proposals category and create a topic.
  4. Proposal Review
    After submission, a proposal will be passed to the team for review. We will set a deadline for proposal reviewing depending on the complexity and subject matter of the proposal.
  5. Feedback
    After a thorough and comprehensive review of the proposal, our team will return to proposer with feedback within the set deadline.


Draft Proposal Template

  • Summary: Usually this is one sentence summarizing the proposal.
  • Abstract: This is a shortened version of a text that highlights its key points. It should specify motivation and outcomes of the proposal.
  • Motivation: This is a description of the reason why the proposal is necessary.
  • Specification: Detailed description of the proposed policy. Whatever information gives us the best context to review your proposal and make an informed decision.
  • Conclusion: Closing statement encompassing the motivation or problem, proposed solution, and its intended impact/outcome.