Don’t let the DAO die before it’s there. On strategic partnership and company culture

Don’t let this DAO Die:

Our DAO is introduced like this:

“On our journey to fully fledged DAO, we launched this DAO Forum to start constructive communication with the community and support the process of turning ideas into real thoughtful proposals.”

The companies’ idea of course is, or should be, that an active community is a strategic ally: together you can achieve great things.

However the ‘writings on the wall’ haven’t been that favorable: the company hasn’t publicly made any notice of the first two proposals that were published, nor did they mention or celebrate the first one being accepted.

Imagine two strategic partners not celebrating achieving something together…would be strange, wouldn’t it? Wouldn’t feel genuine.

Now, the ‘constructive communication’ is already falling silent as a deadline on feedback regarding the second proposal (30% :fire:CRPT) has been missed.

This failing to live up to a promise is an issue that is also loudly voiced by many of the Seedrs investors, it seems. One of the not yet fulfilled promises concerns the shareholders meeting…

Other examples I touch upon in the topics ‘app instability’ and ‘make more use of our knowledge’.

My concern here is that the company at the moment (still) isn’t equipped to really strategically invest in its community.
Invest by living up to your promise, invest by using the knowledge of the community members etc.

If is to build a strategic partner of its community, and/or accept the fact that the community is a strong force in itself, I feel that company culture (Corporate Identity) has to change, or first the Ambassadors Program might turn our most active community members into a disillusioned mob and second a real DAO will never exist.*

This (ongoing) situation should, I think, lead to an evaluation of the question “do we really, really value our community and want and need it as a strategic partner?’, of values of the company, and also of the internal structure: to whom do the community managers report, and at what level would this be etc?

What are your thoughts on this all?


David, as always you have communicated another point of frustration for us eloquently and succinctly. My only hope is the team actually does what it’s supposed to do. It seems its creating an environment that it either can’t manage or doesn’t care to manage. With no communication how can we assume anything else. One additional point is since Vladimir has taken over the communication has been in the tank. Is this a coincidence? Step up and run the company or get someone who will. Please and Thank you.


How should the Company change in this regard?

  • what values should be more cherished?
  • which internal structures should be in place? How should they be positioned?
  • what behavior should be more noticeable?

Perhaps he’s just the fall guy bc who he replaced disagreed with the direction things were going. All speculations but with no communications speculations and assumptions is what’s left.

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David, you put things in a way that is just right and hits on so many points. You’re a phenomenal leader and thank you for doing this forum. Enjoy reading it and will be more active from here on out. This forum is potentially revolutionary for the company, I truly hope they engage more with us in these proposals. It can only make this company grow. If they don’t, hate to say it but juice is what we seem to be left with…


As I mentioned many times the basics are missing from the company starting with communication. They seem not to want to be communicated by us. As you said David there are many who have specific knowledge who could surely help the company in many aspects. I am waiting to see if and what response they will come out with for their delayed replies… For me (I have been following Crypterium for nearly 5 years now) it is really really strange that no engagement is required even after so many people offer to help in various ways. It doesn’t look like a 160 employee company…


And what specific advise could we offer? What would they have to change on the level of

  • values
  • norms
  • behavior
  • structure

(Or any other framework you seem fit).

What has toe change exactly and how to bring this about?

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Or, put differently, what sort of behavior do we as a community, client, investor expect?!

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The problem David is that we don’t know what specific advice we can offer because we do not have ANY feedback on what they engage with and what their needs may be. From our side it could by on any matter if all community is engaged

We expect full communication and transparency


From the outside, it seems that this business is still run like a start-up, or small family business, where the ‘boss’ is in charge.

As a DAO is sort off a norm, they decide it’s time to have one too and on paper the strategy is supplemented with ‘the community’.

On the level of values though, this is not the case, it seems: top management probably doesn’t come with a background in hospitality or a service-providing company. Clients are regarded as people that first and foremost bring in money, and they should be ‘brought in’ with the thought they (only) want to make money.

A community is thus, it seems to me, seen as a ‘passive entity that consumes or is in it ‘for the money’ only. It is not taken seriously as a movement or force that is driven by more complex motives.

Because of this, ‘management of the crowd’ most likely is delegated to a junior level, that tries to ‘pacify’ critique.

When the crowd really wants something and exerts pressure, the company will not tend to reach out.


Agreed. This is a possible scenario


I would completely agree with this. Team should have better communication.
We are asking for a roadmap for 2022 from dec 2020 for Crypterium. I never saw one and 2022 is almost done.


There is a clear disconnect here. Without management living up to their own rules, what is the point.

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4 weeks ago passed the deadline to respond to the DAO Forum’s second proposal regarding the 2023 CRPT :fire:.

The company asked for more time, and we haven’t heard anything since…

Since then activity at the DAO Forum has gone down… :smiling_face_with_tear:(of course)

Yes, it’s a shame… the Forum is introduced as a way to engage in a constructive dialogue…


It should lay the foundation for the real DAO, with CHO as it’s utility/voting token.

One would expect some more attention.

And as this doesn’t come, people start to question’s intentions regarding the DAO and CHO…

It’s short sighted…

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As for now has created money out of thin air with CHO, and nobody’s YET asking after the promise underlying their investment as CHO’s price is quite stable.

BUT within 18 months many tens of millions of tokens will be unlocked and price at that point will only remain stable if a huge demand for it has been created by then.

Where should this demand come from?

Right: from the real-life utility of the token.

And there’s the point: at this point in time CHO has got NO real-life utility, especially no DAO.

The DAO is -in a way- the raison d’etre (throwing in some French :wink:) for CHO.

In this phase, it should be’s ongoing efforts and interventions that keep the DAO Forum going.

Instead the company is silent. It doesn’t mention DAO activity, doesn’t incentivize activity, nor does it celebrate proposals, or reply in time to proposals.

It’s silent in a phase when it should be actively engaging, and now silence is spreading and covering the DAO.

This silence is matching the deafening absence of a white paper regarding the evolution of the CHO utilities.

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Well now they have an ambassador program which is totally different thing but at same time that makes me feel like the company is just pushing other things to cover ones that don’t work or need serious attitude.

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The company seems to be doing pretty great from where I am sitting. I can’t help but wonder if you threw all of your life savings into this one project. This seems to come out of paranoia rather than critical thinking. As with any business model, plans frequently need to adapt for a number of reasons. Considering the current size of their company, it is quite likely that they had resources focused elsewhere at the time. To me, this post is just a reflection of your impatience and appears to only be an online tantrum.

I’d be willing to bet you just joined and ride tight on your high horse. I’d also be willing to bet you can’t prove you’ve been here since ICO like most these guys, which you simply could by providing a transaction date. So, I’ll wait for some useless rebuttal from you bc I can tell just by your emotional illogical response you haven’t seen much here.

Right, so if it’s important to you you might ask Baddini in the Telegram Chat how long I’m part of the community, Michael.