Forum layout talk

Hey everyone! :wave:

I wish give a little feedback on the layout of forum, now have been internet geek since i was young and i have used many kinds of forums in the past.

The new DAO forum we received is something i have not yet seen anywhere, i really like tone of it with black colour background and the “futuristic” setup with all topics having a different color text.

But those are the only good things, i personally find it very hard to navigate to different topics as they seem to be quite hidden inside the forum sections.

I like the old school type forum listing where i can see recent post’s on easy to listing, those that are older topics that have no activity show as grey, new topics show on bold text or somehow different that you could know you have not yet read it.

Does anyone else agree?


I agree with you on this one, good feedback!

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Hello Mana! Features you’re talking about are quite the same in our DAO forum as it was in old school type forum. You can see a topic list in the main forum section named as “Latest” that shows all recent topics. There is also a list of all topics at the bottom of the page inside parent category “Discussion” and list of topics inside each subcategory. All the lists have the same color scheme - topics with no new replies since you last viewed are greyed out. Topics with new replies look bold.
If you have any suggestions on how to improve topics display - just let us know.


It has the elements of the old school forum aspects and true different colors of inactive/recent/watched topics (thanks for correcting).

But as i look at the forum first hand, to me it seem very confusing even if i change the view on latest/recent/hot?

I dont understand as a new comer how it works at all.

Im not saying this is a bad forum and my opinions sound harsh, but thats my type of explaining what i see as a problem to me personally.

Hope you understand, cheers :v: