How about more contests?

It would be nice to have some more contests available that didn’t rely on making multiple trades on exchanges or buying something more than what we already have. Something like a customer appreciation raffle. Idk.

Agree. Why don’t drop contest for both tokens? CRPT and CHO? I think both community needs contests not just one.

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Never understood free token hunters.

It’s natural to always want more contests, but if we’re being objective, it seems to me that frequently holds events like these. I remember many contests involving token price predictions, and even now, there’s a large-scale one with a prize pool of $1,500,000. So, I think they’re doing a great job when it comes to organizing contests.

Yes but they should do for both tokens. CRPT and CHO. I mean giveaways. We have two TG channels, Crypterium and CHO. So let’s do it for both tokens. This is my opinion. Hopefully they will read this and put in practice.