Incentive to participate in Forum: receive CHO for earning badge

This Forum is a first step in the evolution to a real Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

People can earn badges here by posting their own topics, by receiving likes and by responding to others.

I suggest to incentivize participation by letting people earn CHO coin when they receive (new) badges.


Good one David. Very few users in here so any incentives welcome


Great one, i liked the idea friend. Im with you…:raised_hands:


Absolutely correct, badges should cone with real value otherwise its just a sticker. However, when time is involved premium should be involved. I stand with you


Excellent idea :bulb: I would be more active for sure if this was the case.

Though this may cause spam!



Hmmm. Good idea that will lead to a bad execution. It should be a selective way, to avoid bot and/or other bad habits… Should brainstorm to actually get something out of this.


Thx for your reply, what are your concerns exactly/what risks do you see? David

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Well, not risks, exactly, rather something that I - maybe more than me - will dislike… Exploiting without proper context. The kind of exploit that every monetize aspect of internet aquires when drawing attention like bot, spamming, multi-accounting and more…

Personally I don’t like replies like “cool”, “nice” only to take part on engagement and activity.


I see this as the biggest risk as well…

Point is I am disappointed in the amount of people joining this forum on their own intrinsic motivation/feeling of connection with

I wonder Why this is -because it might be a symptom of a wider ‘failure’ leading to underachieve-.

You any idea on this?


This is a big question and I had some hard time to answer this, that was the reason I did delay my reply, as I could understand - or feel - the genuine concern inside this question…

So the only true answer I have is that we must discuss this in depth.

Let’s “play” a game. Answer like I am an idiot, simple and effective.

So, what is choise com? I mean its perpose, its goal?..


You thought long and hard, and I have to answer? :roll_eyes:

But here you go; it’s a good question!

My vision of choise would be:

“We make it easy, you decide!”

A company constantly easy to understand (graphics and language), with empathy for my financial wishes and anxieties, offering itself as an always trustworthy and -if need be- protective guide, to join me in this exciting new world of crypto, providing me with transparent financial guidance. It’s goal? To make choosing my earning strategy easy!

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That is really a vision… That is really great, but I think that lucks motivation, or better put the “I must engage”. I mean why should I be with choise com, after all I am awesome (not😂 a) financial advisor for myself. Also, a bear market is not a helpful environment.

How this is gonna happen? I mean the process, the tools the environment…

It is a really hard task, but I like the idea to be able to come up with a good idea /solution…


Ok, sure, I don’t necessarily want

  • I want some yield in this inflationary environment.
  • I want to be able to tell my friends I’m also in crypto.
  • but I want a trustworthy wallet

And then choise has to differentiate itself from the others.

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Choise has to stand out from the competition, but forums are hard to drow attention to. And even harder to maintain the engagement…

Somehow you need to make sure that users are actual humans. The other one could be earning when winning a badge, or the ability to tip a good post/answer.

One other could be a competition among users. Call a strategy for a period of time and the best roi win something.

Always there is the risk of underachieving, as you already mentioned. I will still think about it, but these are some things that come on my mind. Also sorry for the delay as I was busy.
Hope I helped a little…


Good idea sir!
We need more people here.


Great idea. This makes more and more people to come and participate in Dao forum. :clap::clap::clap:

When it will be put in practice. Choise team should be working on this one now.

Hey team we are still waiting for this. Any good news coming? We need competition specially in our Telegram Group.