Increase DAO participation and DAO 'harvest': earn CHO when achieving Forum-badges [#003]

*Summary: proposal to reward individual members of the community for ‘qualitiy time’ spent at the Forum and in this way increase participation in, and output of the Forum.

A win-win strategy for the community and

Abstract: The DAO-Forum is meant to 1. facilitate a constructive dialogue between and it’s community and 2. to let the community come up with valuable proposals that can be used to improve

The Forum thus wants to be a democratic marketplace where the combined voices of the community can help, feed and support the company in its evolution.

At this point in time we stand at less than 380 Forum members, of whom about 5% (about 20) can be regarded as (very) active members.
Up until now one proposal has been accepted, which will indeed lead to a change in the app (showing amounts in savingsaccount).

The first baby steps of the Forum are promising, but we would like to be of more value.

We would like to propose that invests in the further ‘construction of the Forum’, so to speak, by rewarding time put into it by individual members.

Writing :writing_hand: a good topic or reading many topics takes time. For instance: at this point in time getting from a topic to a proposal amounts to an investment of some 5 - 8 hours: you come up with the topic, write it, post it in the Telegram chat, gather feedback, re-write it and eventually turn it into a proposal some weeks later. It’s more than time; it’s dedication to

Time -and dedication- spent at the forum can, in a way, be measured in the badges people can earn: for instance you get a badge when a topic gets 10 ‘likes’, get another when you read a lot of posts etc.

Our proposal is to reward certain badges with CHO. We expect that this will motivate members to invest more time and real effort in the Forum. When quality time and dedication increase the company and the community will benefit because of new proposals being presented.

Motivation: the community consists of people with many talents. Whether they hold an MBA, work in finance, language, marketing or could, with their practical remark, represent many out there who might ‘think the same’. A well run and populated Forum thus can be of huge strategic importance because, as already stated by

Specification: we propose that badges that ‘take quality time to achieve’ like those relates to earning likes on a topic, those presented when reading many topics etc, earn you CHO. The same may apply for proposals presented and proposals accepted, of course.

Conclusion: rewarding certain badges/proposals with CHO is a
1.) great way to recognize time and effort spent (dedication) by an individual member.

  1. It would/might increase DAO-Forum participation and thus would bolster its significance which is a strategic objective.

3.) It would lead to the ‘harvest’ of more valuable proposals.

-thank you to the people who have thought along and /or liked the topic here and on Telegram-


Hello David! We have received your proposal. Your proposal has been forwarded to our team and we will get back to you with our feedback within 30 days.


Hello David!
We have considered your proposal and would like to inform you that although this is a great initiative in itself and it will certainly be reflected in our other programs, at the moment we believe that such a concept is not suitable for the DAO forum for the following reasons:

  1. Despite the obvious evidence of an active group of participants in the DAO forum, the measurement of “quality time spent” of participants remains blurry. The introduction of additional moderation on the part of the company in determining which activity deserves an award and which does not, in our opinion, contradicts the DAO concept.
    In addition, the human factor in the individual determination of participants to be awarded implies that some users will remain dissatisfied with such decisions.

  2. The concept of “harvest” implies active criteria and mechanics for rewarding participants, which will inevitably lead to schemes of cheating, including: creating multi-accounts, connecting bots, artificial cheating of activity. All of the above points will again entail the fact of unfair rewards and the need for additional control by the company, which in itself is undesirable.

  3. All of listed initiatives are ideally suited to the Ambassador Program which will be launched soon and will provide various opportunities for participants to contribute and be rewarded for it.

In any case, your proposal is a great contribution to the DAO, we appreciate your efforts! Thank you!

An addition to the reply above:
4. Rewarding accepted proposals also does not look like a transparent mechanics, since at the moment poposals can be submitted on absolutely any topic, including the provision of informational updates on certain issues. At the moment, our DAO community shows professionalism in the process of submitting proposals, which we would like to keep and not allow this process to turn into a mass submission of proposals for the sake of rewards. In addition, collects ideas for improving its products from all possible sources, therefore, situations may arise that even though the DAO proposal was accepted by the company, it was not a unique request for such an innovation.