Interesting DeFi-partner:

In the DeFi space ‘bonds’ (IOU’s) don’t yet play a role, also because of the fact that etherium’s smart contracts cannot handle the maths involved.

This company -I read- developed a new token which can handle bonds and will let companies and people issue their own bonds!

On their site it says:

We have developed the new ERC–3475 *to make securities possible on the blockchain. It empowers everyone to create their own bonds and derivatives like futures and options.*Each bond or derivative is assigned to a unique algorithm and does not require an additional smart contract.



It is the marketplace where bonds and derivatives can be traded. It supports all auctions compatible with the ERC–3475 standard. After a bond is released to the market, its price decreases until somebody buys it

It might be interesting to partner as it might be a expansion/addition to choise’s vision of making ‘a choice to earn more”

I am interested to know what management thinks of this start-up! Are you too?


Yes read about it. Surely interested to find out if any prospects for cooperation/use exist