Let millions trust us; find an auditing partner

High interest rates? More than 10% per year, where a bank gives you 2?!
Not to be trusted!

That’s what to common man (or woman) thinks out there: A high yield in crypto is not to be trusted!

The idea: what interest/yield can choise.com offer on a savingsproduct/account that’s safe, follows regulation and can be audited?!

People will happily take 5,5% as long as their funds are safe and the product has been audited!

Call upon choise.com to investigate if a product like this can be created.

Be the first out there and millions might find choise.com!


This is a very good suggestion. Transparency on what each product represents, risks involved and audits should be communicated to the interested audience for new users to actually move to choise. 5.5% though is quite low in my opinion as crypro investments can currently achieve a much higher ‘safe’ return (and also leave a nice margin for choise as well) and now with increasing interest rates in fiat currencies bank deposit rates will also go up. This also depends on the country involved as well.


If you lock up any for a year even just a one swing trade can let you make more of it . Yes idk where from the money come to fund this out but mostly more yeild = more risk.
But i belive we want more pp to come to use the platform so we need something better offer then others do.

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