Loose/Gain your Gold/Silver DAO-badge

At the moment the metal of your badge (Silver, Gold) is a function of when you joined the DAO-Forum the first time, not of your current activity.

I propose that the ‘color’ of your badge is a dynamic thing: silver members that are active, take over a gold badge from inactive gold members.

Maybe: get more colors out there: platinum, gold, silver, bronze, iron.

And: add a badge for being a Seedrs shareholder.


That is much more fair. But again I am not sure in a real DAO (which we currently are not) if such badges also follow number of governance tokens owned etc.

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there is some merit in changing the badge colour based on inactivity (criteria to be defined)

what is your definition of active?

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Good point, maybe online once every 2 weeks and a certain minimum reading time?

In addition, correspondence can be sent to badge holders periodically to inform them of either upgrade or degrade with reasons

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