Make use of our knowledge, experience and talents!

Among the most active members of our beloved are many people with a lot of knowledge, experience and talents.

We are active in finance, marketing and language related fields, have easy access to academic papers, own our own busses, earned an MBA, and/or have deep knowledge of ongoing blockchain and web3 related issues.

Of course there will be the future ambassadors’ program, but I feel we -as most active members- could be used in a more systematic way, screening for readability of texts, advising on it, giving feedback on upcoming marketing efforts, product portfolio etc etc etc.

*I would say:*,
Make use of our knowledge, experience and talents!


It is advisable. I had a bad experience with communication concerning retrodrop for crpt holders. I ended up not qualifying because the correspondence could not communicate clearly on maintaining an average balance or opening balance. Its a wise proposal, cos i have a marketing, risk and banking background myself which makes it easier to engage correspondence.

Hello, David

Nice meeting you, I am a new member here and hope to stay for a long time because DAO looks really interesting to me.

The question is do you really need the ambassadors program that much to continue to use the forum?

I feel like with or without an ambassador program people will still be interested in discussion and support any kind of topic as long as it is important.



Nice to meet you and thx for this start of a new conversation.

….No, as I see it, you are right. The Ambassadors program is not necessary for a DAO. It’s something else, although it might be that wants to sort of integrate both.

But, the point is, I feel, that doesn’t score many points on ‘community management’ in general, let alone -I fear- on organizing a DAO. (Also see my topic ‘don’t let the DAO die’)

That’s why I asked the head of the Community Managers (Anna) at telegram the question of has a true DAO-specialist:

Because, if we look at the DAO-roadmap:

DAO DAO is the most optimal structure based on CHO token, which serves as a governance body of our MetaFi ecosystem and makes the entrance to the DeFi and Web3 space more smooth.DAO aims at developing and maintaining an effective decision-making system that will bootstrap the creation of the top-notch MetaFi product for the best of all CHO token holders.

It’s quite an ambition. The DAO’s functions will be

  • governance of the ecosystem

  • a decision-making system that will bootstrap (= kickstart, initiate) the creation of products.

This ambition needs to be leaded by a true specialist.

The second ambition regarding the creation of products could be very interesting. The question is of course what products ‘sell best’. And maybe the wisdom of the crowd can best answer this question.

A recent publication adressed this issue as follows:

“Finally, because decision-making power is distributed across members of the DAO, dis- tributed and decentralized organizations like DAOs can benefit from “wisdom of the crowd”. The importance of crowd-based decision-making is increasingly relevant in various fields, ranging from the development of new products (Afuah and Tucci, 2012, Poetz and Schreier, 2012), the funding of technology-based start-ups (Mollick, 2014), and scientific research (Fran- zoni and Sauermann, 2014). It has been found that crowds can predict events very efficiently (e.g. U.S. Presidential elections) (Ray, 2006) and operate differently compared to experts (Mol- lick and Nanda, 2015). Thus, DAOs represent the natural evolution of crowd-based decision- making platforms.”

For this to all work you need a dedicated DAO community, with the individual members being the DAO’s and’s antennas in different parts of the world (preferably also in Africa), which needs good incentives etc etc.

That’s why I am wondering: has already found this DAO-specialist?


DAO seems to be a very new part of

I have been following the project for a very short period of time and I do believe there are people responsible for this platform, does it need a DAO-specialist exactly now? Hard to say as long as there are few people around.

Anyway, I am looking forward to the company and product development. Team has done a great job already, looking forward to keep going the same way.

P.S. I also think that DAO content should be created by the members and community, not by Having a moderator is more than enough.


Yes, I feel a DAO-specialist is very necessary. The concept of decentralized autonomous organizations is not new, but actually forming on and making it thrive is no easy task, at least that is my take on it, and I read some (scientific) publications on the issue.


What responsibilities should a DAO-specialist have in your opinion? Just wondering


A DAO-specialist would be knowledgeable on a strategic level and know how to start and build a DAO, would know the different tactics regarding voting and the complexities involved etc etc

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For instance:

When starting a DAO information in the below article shouldn’t be unfamiliar. There’s a lot to think about, as you might read. Starting a DAO without a specialist is like starting governing an organization without any knowledge on organizations and/or governance.

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Dear David,

The discussion in this thread has shifted a little in the other direction, but first I would like to address on your initial request.
Thank you for another great initiative!
We have complete confidence in the experience and knowledge of the members of the DAO community, based on the quality discussion that is present in this section. As for the direct use of DAO community knowledge and experience, I can share with you some of my thoughts:

  1. Discussion section was created for communication of DAO community members, we minimize the presence of the company in this section to emphasize the concept of DAO and for the reason to avoid turning DAO forum into repetition of telegram community or, even more undesirably, into technical support, where all the tickets have to be addressed.
    But silence on the air does not mean that we do not take into account advices and comments from the DAO community. We collect a list of topics from the DAO community for discussion at weekly management meetings.
  2. From an individual point of view, to apply personal experience, education and knowledge works with professional advisors. Our advisors are industry leaders, managers of top companies, who was carefully chosen by the company.
    Any member of the DAO community can apply to an advisor role to get use of personal experience and knowledge, by sending a direct message to me with a detailed resume.

Best wishes,