Marketing strategy & Corporate identity

In the Q2 Seedrs update, we read that is expecting to take on hundreds of thousands new customers per month’ somewhere in 2023, with more than a billion in funds at the end of that year.

This is a great ambition!!

We read in the same update that, maybe, additional funds must be found in order to fuel this ambition. I am sure they will be found, if necessary.

Now, at this point in the evolution to I ask myself and you, if the current marketing strategy, and the current corporate identity being projected out there is the best choise? Will so many people trust us with their funds? (I think maybe not!)

What is the current identity, then?
Well: we can find it in the texts on site and the interviews given: is a logical next step in the evolution of the company, it’s a solution that combines the advantages of CeFi and DeFi,…greatly simplifying user exposure to DeFi.

As a long time follower of Crypterium and a person with some experience in crypto, this makes sense to me.

But… is it the best image to project to new customers? Are they looking for a ‘solution’, do they have a problem? I think not, and as such, I think the our message should be more balanced.

Do we remember Crypterium’s mission? It’s something like: we want to make the crypto world as easy to you as the fiat world.

I think this is something everybody understands, and is more what new users will be looking for! They don’t need a ‘solution for extra exposure to DeFi’, as they have no clue what this is.

When wanting to take on more new customers, I feel we need to project an image that attracts THE MOST customers and BINDS these as long as possible.

There is one more point I want to adress before coming to the core of things: the current perception out there about high yields. People mistrust them, I think, because of the recent events regarding Terra etc.

My thoughts about the best corporate image and marketing strategy:

Go back to the Crypterium strategy:to make crypto easy. Especially for the potential new users, project the image of a trustworthy ‘guide into crypto’: one that

  • you can trust (scary things can happen out there; people lost their money with Terra and stuff!)
  • that will make things easy for you.
  • that will educate you.
  • is fully transparent regarding risk versus reward.
  • lets you make your own decisions.

Don’t focus on the DeFi/CeFi solution too much, as new users aren’t interested in the technological explanations. Maybe let the more experienced users out there, now possibly on a different wallet, know that a new ‘choise’ is in town! Make this a marketing strategy for a different category of potential users.

Focus on: solutions for every financial appetite, from completely safe to higher risk and from CeFi to DeFi, will be your guide along the way, making things easy for you.**
Easy to start, easy to use, with assistance along the way. You decide your financial wish, we provide you with options to choose between.****
This is a promise too all new users.

In this image, we project also the ‘personality traits of a guide’, is there to

  • be trusted. We are trustworthy.
  • we love to see you grow and reach your goals.
  • we want you to be fully informed, because we want you to make the decisions.
  • a democratic community of like minded people that support eachother and We have our own camping fire :fire: with our DAO gathered around it.

Yes, we also should focus on yield, but it has to be imbedded in the above, yield should not be without a ‘relationship aspect’ that people trust.

What do you think, guys, about marketing strategy and corporate identity?



You hit it on the head. Agree 100%. Thank you.


You raised the most important topic i think…


Wow, very comprehensive. I agree with all of this. More crafting of mission statement, corporate identity and concise marketing/ messaging that reflects these goals. Everything should be complimentary and reflect / mirror short through long term goals.

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Exactly, and we have to notice we need to diversify our messages according to the audience we’re trying to reach. -As the site says: the world lies at yours fingerprints-



In many ways you are right. However, i do not subscribe to taking a step backward into what crpt used to be. Cos if crpt had thrived in its simplicity, there will be no need fo CHO. I am with you

Hi, thx for your reply, I really appreciate it.

In what way do you read we should have to take a step back? That’s definitely not what I hope to suggest here!

The evolution to CHO is very much significant, and without it, Crypterium would slowly die for sure!

I am talking about the message we should project outward to attract new customers that are not familiar with difficult terms like DeFi, bridges, yield aggregators etc.

I mean, … imagine these people you know who are not into ‘crypto’ … what sort of messages would convince them to dip their toe into it?

Thanks for the wonderful ideas. I quite agree with you on many fronts. However, the comparison with CRPT is what I was trying to dissuade you from. Market and product matching is part of the core of the proposal. Who are currently CHO competitor that owns the largest market share? Let’s look at what they are doing, it will give us an idea of what we should do better or start doing. Well done David!

iPad Ademola

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For those interested. There is a small body of scientific literature on the barriers to and drivers of cryptocurrency adoption. This means that marketing strategy can be partly evidence based

Noteworthy is that ‘lack of knowledge’ is a barrier to people who otherwise share the risk-taking profile and other demographic of people who do own crypto.

If our goal is to take on hundreds of thousands of new users a month starting somewhere in 2023, this goal might be assisted by providing the ‘not-knowing-possible-customer’ out there with an e-learning after basic registration, addressing blockchain, crypto, risks and gains, and’s solutions.

We could maybe reach these millions of ‘not knowing’ potential customers with:

Contemplating to start crypto but feel you lack knowledge?

Take our crypto course.

  • Get updated on blockchain and crypto

  • Understand the gains and risks; get to know our policy on safety

  • Let us walk you through CeFi and DeFi and into MetaFi

  • Compare your financial wishes with our range of products.

This would work better that a high APY-1-week-deposit-thing.

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I agree with all that you state David and I hope this is where the team is heading. After all one of their main goals is to make it easy for anyone to invest in defi products. Adding all the other points you analytically mention will surely offer a complete and competitive product that will attract new people in crypto and also already invested people in bringing over their funds to

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And that’s what we all want, for to succeed.

All there years the price of CRPT has only been a function of the overall sentiment in the markets with spikes here and there, but it hasn’t been able to grow on its own.

We need like at least 10 or 20 times the number of active users for that to start happening.

Agreed. It’s a pity about crpt. I hope team makes everything possible and give a good thought of marketing policy so things start changing soon for both crpt and cho. I would prioritise as follows:

  1. Work on app efficiency and redesign with no down time as usually happens when token prices go up…
  2. Work on their marketing and language material
  3. Enter the US market
  4. Make a full push (need to spend money and/or tokens) for actual marketing promotion at a good time for crypto

The above need time planning and the way I see it there will not be indefinite available dates to consider

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Trust and transparency must be their top priority if crpt is to flourish as #1 crypto bank. The crpt road map was :fire: , they hit all goals set out. Choise is great for DeFi, that doesn’t excuse not pursuing central. With all the turmoil in centralized crypto going on, it’s is absolutely critical that this team establish trust and transparency, if they will achieve that, they will rise to the top.

Why on earth would they name DeFi after urban term for butt juice? I still can’t stop thinking about that. We have a brilliant idea and y’all are telling me no one looked up choise? Teeka may have indirectly said what is perhaps true here. Time to cut some dogs loose.

I’ve been a part of a couple exits of companies that just couldn’t hack it, the feel is similar recently reading through telegram daily. This year for choise/crpt is a step back from progress. It’s disappointing what’s going on, I think it’s chicken shit responses to some critical questions that we deserve to be answered. This company isn’t big enough that these top guys like Austin are just so busy they can’t twiddle thumbs a few seconds. Donald trump twiddled and ran a country.