Returning the CRPT savings accounts [#004]

Summary: Return savings options for CRPT token to the application.

Abstract: At the moment there is no clear understanding why the savings accounts tool in the CRPT token disappeared from the application.

Motivation: The early investors of the Crypterium, who believe in the CRPT token, used this tool to benefit from it. Now this opportunity is gone. This situation directly affects CRPT token in general and its investors in particular.

Specification: Return CRPT savings accounts.

Conclusion: The prosperity of the company and thus its investors can be increased not by slicing down the existing features, but by developing the current ones.


Hello Jason! We have received your proposal. Your proposal has been forwarded to our team and we will get back to you with our feedback within 30 days.

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Hello, Jason!

Returning to you with feedback on your proposal.

You are right — this product was’t available for a certain time. Today we are happy to announce that CRPT interest accounts are available again with extra duration periods added.

Also we revised the interest rates in accordance with current market conditions. Current offers for CRPT interest accounts:

1 month — 4.5%

3 months — 4.8%

6 months — 5.0%

12 months — 5.2%

18 months — 5.6%

24 months — 6.2%

Thank you for your involvement!