Savings accounts without loss of interest on termination. [#005]

Hi everyone! One more idea from my side:

Summary: To add a new line of savings accounts in the app, which will provide the possibility of early termination without losing the interest.

Abstract: positions itself as a crypto banking service, which is a loud statement for sure but also implies a wide and varied set of services for its customers. Savings accounts are the most reliable and conservative way to earn from your assets, but has a rather limited offer in this part. Now we are seeing only a certain set of duration periods and coins for savings accounts to be opened. Small terms are expressed in a small percentage, which is logical, like any bank’s offer. Long terms with good interest results in asset lockup for a long time and are not the most convenient tool.
It would be useful for users to be able to decide on their savings accounts duration, without depriving them of the opportunity to get interest for the period when the assets were actually deposited. Many large crypto services offer such options, and this is a good bonus, even though the interest on such deposits is significantly less than on their counterparts.

Motivation: the more flexible and reliable opportunities for earning, the more users we will be able to reach.

Specification: Add savings accounts with early termination and without losing accrued interest. Set an indicator for such a product that it is an option.

Conclusion: Adding savings accounts with early termination without losing accrued interest can bring more users to the application.

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Hello Jason! We have received your proposal. Your proposal has been forwarded to our team and we will get back to you with our feedback within 60 days.

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