Showing total holdings in savingsaccount [#001]

**Summary: proposal for the app to show how many tokens are held in (a) savings account(s).

Abstract: any banking institution shows its clients the amount of currency they hold in a savingsaccount. The app doesn’t yet. One has to manually add the value of separate savingsaccounts. This reduces customer experience.

Motivation: in order to fulfill it’s vision of offering crypto banking to all, needs to maximize transparency, trust and customer experience. In the subject of ‘showing total holdings in savingsaccounts’ the app doesn’t meet current standards and, more precisely, lagging behind what is considered ‘normal’. This needs to be fixed.

Specification: to show of each/every token applicable how many tokens are currently being held in savingsaccounts.

Conclusion: in the domain of showing total amount(s) of tokens being held in savingsaccounts, is lagging behind what is considered ‘normal’ for contemporary banks. This proposal aims at fixing this issue, thus producing a more transparent and userfriendly app-experience. This will be a small but invaluable step in line with’s vision.


Hello David! We have received your first proposal. We appreciate your responsible approach and compliance with all requirements. Your proposal has been forwarded to our team and we will get back to you with our feedback within 30 days.


Hello David! We have estimated that the implementation of the function outlined in your proposal will be useful for application interface improvement. The development of the feature was taken over by the team. This feature is expected to be added during the next global update of the application, approximately in September 2022.
Thank you for your contribution!


Hello David!
Returning to you with a feedback:
As mentioned earlier, the implementation of the function to display total holdings in App is under development by our team. At the moment, due to tasks with a higher priority, the timing of the implementation of the function has been increased. I will inform you in this thread about the release date, which will include the function of displaying total holdings.
Best wishes!