Still missing: indicator of total amount of tokens held in savings

If you’ve got multiple (let’s say CRPT) savingsaccounts, you might have noticed:

The only way to know how many tokens you have, is by manually counting the value of your accounts. It’s like Dagobert Duck does… crazy.

I’d like to see my total amount of coins, maybe total interest that will be earned in a year’s time etc.

I call upon to propell us beyond the Dagobert Duck era and into the 21st century as soon as possible.

What do you think


Mentioned this in the past but nothing done. We need to have totals of coins in savings accounts interest earned interest credited etc for each coin.

Hi Athos,

…then shall we make this the DAO-forum first proposal? Seems a very logical and do-able improvement to the app!

Yes please do David. I am not really familiar with dao-forum a lot but trying…surely I will improve

I made a proposal. Now it’s under review of a moderator.

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