Telegram channel for Seedr investors and Platinum members?

As a Seedr investor I liked the idea of a closed Telegram channel for investors.

Having been here for more than 4 years, I still enjoy the Telegram community, but the discussion there is often somewhat superficial.

Would you guys like a dedicated Telegram channel for Seedr investors and/or platinum members, or will this DAO-forum be the place to be?


Yes. Very good idea. I think should consider it !


David, if you ask for a place for more in-depth discussions, the DAO forum is the place to be. This is one of its main purposes.


Hi Mikhail, thanks for your reply. Point is also -maybe you don’t know- that Seedrs investors were promised a separate and closed Telegram group. It always important-I feel- to give a follow-up when you promise something, especially if you decide that ‘no, there won’t be such a group’. I feel it’s then important to mention that ‘yes, we promised this, but for -name them- reasons, it was decided that…


Thanks for pointing out David! We’ve decided that Forum model is far superior in comparison to Telegram group in building a high-level community of our investors and possibility to combine it with future DAO functions. All new members will have access to the knowledge base collected here.

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Then maybe some of us deserve a badge similar to yours “Mikhail.Zaharov Choise” for example:

Damian Medarov - Crypterium Investor


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Why don’t the team open a telegram channel for price discussion? For both tokens. CRPT and CHO? I see that a lot of projects have that but we don’t.

Didn’t they already have this for CRPT at some point?

Unfortunately they don’t. Only official channels. Price discussion channels would be really good. Team should listen to this.

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I don’t think a price discussion channel was what the poster was referring to. Besides, people already discuss the token prices on their existing Telegrams.

Yes but in price discussion channel we do not have all those rules that main channel does. People can talk more freely. That is my opinion

I totally agree with you. We should have this type of channels ( price) discussion channels. Team should implement that fast. It’s good for the community.