Telegram channel for Seedr investors and Platinum members?

As a Seedr investor I liked the idea of a closed Telegram channel for investors.

Having been here for more than 4 years, I still enjoy the Telegram community, but the discussion there is often somewhat superficial.

Would you guys like a dedicated Telegram channel for Seedr investors and/or platinum members, or will this DAO-forum be the place to be?


Yes. Very good idea. I think should consider it !


David, if you ask for a place for more in-depth discussions, the DAO forum is the place to be. This is one of its main purposes.


Hi Mikhail, thanks for your reply. Point is also -maybe you don’t know- that Seedrs investors were promised a separate and closed Telegram group. It always important-I feel- to give a follow-up when you promise something, especially if you decide that ‘no, there won’t be such a group’. I feel it’s then important to mention that ‘yes, we promised this, but for -name them- reasons, it was decided that…


Thanks for pointing out David! We’ve decided that Forum model is far superior in comparison to Telegram group in building a high-level community of our investors and possibility to combine it with future DAO functions. All new members will have access to the knowledge base collected here.

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Then maybe some of us deserve a badge similar to yours “Mikhail.Zaharov Choise” for example:

Damian Medarov - Crypterium Investor


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