The story of CHO and its elusive utility

So CHO has been created and its utility has been clearly described: DAO decides on what liquidity pools to invest in and on benefits to be proposed to the community. It is set up to manage the ecosystem with the CHO tokens powering up utility, governance, and promotion mechanics.

Also its deflationary characteristics -burning- are clearly described.

But the question is:

What’s the progress on this? There has not been any mention on a DAO for many months.
No utility, no demand.
No utility, no trust.

No demand and no trust = no value.

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I do agrees.

We all know the tokenomic…
And yes Will be happy if can make some short of utillity.

  • I like that see like Celsius token. ( Hope) not the same ending.:joy:
    I mean if you can choose U depositi some ETH or avax etc like 5% apy but you can choose to earn in CHO and get more 8-10% ? Or something like that.

Also like to see some connection crpt and cho may burn each other every transation. Like if U sell CHO that should :fire: CRPT and back.

Or may if U more CHO stake have U get per month reward in CRPT?

Thats the only way I see … or getting more listed. And partnering.

Hope guys still here…

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I also agree with you. We need to know the demand. The utility and many other things. Please Clear this up CHO team.

You’re completely right of course!