Video update regarding plan to burn 🔥 30% of CRPT tokens by mid 2023. [#002]

Summary: proposal for the management to give an video update on the plan to burn :fire: 30% of CRPT tokens by mid 2023.

Abstract: in internal and external media (interviews in global media) Crypterium announced that it would accelerate the burning proces by ‘redeeming tokens from the market’ (Austin Kimm), stating that by mid 2023 ‘30% of all circulating tokens will be burnt’.

This plan has -obviously- been received with much enthusiasm, as it will positively influence the price of the remaining tokens.

We haven’t had a recent update on this plan.

Motivation: as mentioned in the first proposal, in order to fulfill it’s vision of offering crypto banking to all, needs to maximize transparency, trust and customer experience.

This topic revolves around transparency and trust. In the CRPT Telegram chat many people have asked for an update the last year. Several community managers have mentioned things like ‘the plan still stands’ etc, but any formal update has not been given.

Now, the 15 most active DAO-members have asked that the call for an update be made into a formal proposal.

Specification: a long due formal announcement/update by management would 1.) acknowledge the legitimacy of the call for an update as a year has passed, would lead to 2.) transparency and might 3.) positively influence trust within the community.

Conclusion: a video update regarding the announced burning of 27.000.000 CRPT tokens (30% of circulating supply)by 2023 is appropriate because of different reasons mentioned in this proposal.

**This call for transparency is endorsed by many in the Telegram Chats and has been actively supported by the DAO-forum most active members.


Hello David! We have received your proposal. Your proposal has been forwarded to our team and we will get back to you with our feedback within 30 days.


Hello David!

We take additional time to consider the issue outlined in the proposal.

We appreciate your patience!