We all want to know

Hello, everyone. I have been keeping an eye on the project for a while and have some questions, and I highly appreciate answering one by one. In case if the answer is not clear, simply say “more information will be uploaded later”, I don’t mind waiting.

  1. Where can I read CRPT token white paper? I didn’t find it on the official website.
  2. Where is the tokenomics for CHO token and how about utility?
  3. Will CHO be burned the same as CRPT?
  4. Do you plan to do addition amount CRPT to be burned ?

Thank you


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Ad 4. See 2nd DAO Forum Proposal. We are still waiting for reply.

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2 and 3.

These are especially important questions, as the utility of CHO should primarily be voting rights in the DAO.

Little is mentioned… yet.

Burning is mentioned, but not specified.

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Cheers crypto whale, I am also waiting for the reply from the Choise.com team.
Hopefully I will receive it soon.

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Same here. Still waiting for their reply.