Welcome to the Choise.com DAO!

Welcome to the Choise.com DAO Forum!

There are a few things you should know before jumping in to the discussion:

  1. On our journey to fully fledged DAO, we launched this DAO Forum to start constructive communication with the Choise.com community and support the process of turning ideas into real thoughtful proposals.
  2. This forum is for holding structured discussions around topics leading to Choise.com DAO proposals. This forum is not for general discussions or Q&A. For these purposes we have Choise.com Telegram and Choise.com Discord.
  3. This forum is for a considered, long-term conversation. Low quality posts and comments will be carefully moderated. Only comment if you’re adding a thoughtful, new idea. Use emojis to express your agreement with posts :+1:.
  4. For guidelines on how to be a productive community member, please read our Manifesto and our guide on the Discourse and Proposal Process. Also make sure you are familiar with general rules!