What would your friends convince to join choise.com?

Hi guys,

What would convince your friends/family to join choise.com? Please tell.

For my friends this would be:

  • insurance of deposits on stablecoin funds like your deposits in a European bank are insured.
  • the mechanism of insurance being audited by a trusted institution.
  • good visibility on the site on the above points.
  • accessible language at the site.
  • a range of investment products with reviewed risk-score ranging from very safe (stablecoins) to very risky.

Building a Trust with the Community Members and Clients.


More marketing around how Choise.com is an EU and UK regulated Crypto Bank

Specifically Crypto funds (BTC, ETH, CHO, CRPT, Stable coins, etc) are insured same as fiat at banks or as close as can be

I think a lot of retail customers are looking to place funds into Crypto for a longer period for high returns, however they want to trust regulated entities, so if Choise.com can prove that they are leaders in Compliance operating as a Crypto bank and not putting customers funds at risk, backing it up with insurance reassurance…its a winner for retail with capital to allocate

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Totally agree with you!
This might be especially appealing to people looking for minimum risk who want to protect their funds against inflation for instance.

Of course there are also people who are willing to take on more risk!

I think it’s important to have a whole range of products out there from safe to risky.

Furthermore it’s important to appeal to potential customers. These might need a specific approach according to recent literature (see topic Marketing Strategy and Corporate Image)

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How would this be a unique selling point?

Since as you mention, these products / features already exist at european banks

Also, if you lose your password, you can recover it at a european bank. If you die, those assets are sure to be passed down to your family. Choise.com does not offer those securities.

There is also a mechanism for complaints / compensation at traditional providers.

What does choise.com offer which traditional fiat providers / other crypto providers do not offer which will be appealing to your friends / family?

Guess this argument will work for non-european customers where such features do not exist in those markets (downside is still password recovery / funds passed over in case of death / complaints opportunity / compensation opportunity)

Of course, but if we compare a regular savingsaccount with a very safe USDC savingsaccount, the crypto bank wins in terms of yield.

True, but you can’t make money out of thin air

Esp not when the company itself is telling you they are burning cash and need additional injection.

This actually shows it is not sustainable and those returns / capital ain’t guaranteed

There is something about too good to be true.

Sure, I’m not talking 15% (don’t know why they offered it, see my topic on that), but still 5,5% with near zero risk on USDC with 10% inflation is better than your bank offers (maybe 0.3%?)

If you are able to say lend the same balance at 7.5 percent say to other investors, sure it is possible.

You still need to be earning revenues which more than offset your expenses and then yes, some of those excess income you can pay as additional yield.

Personally, I would have structured things differently.

You have a base yield on some crypto.

Then if you lock CRPT and CHO for a certain amount of time (depending on volume and amount), you get a multiplier on the yield. So you are rewarding people for holding CRPT and CHO through higher yield.

You collect a certain amount of revenues for burning CRPT / CHO and community decides whether to burn it / offer as additional yield on some crypto / pay that as loyalty bonus to people holding for the longest.

The base yield is dynamic. And can vary based on a community engagement index. The more engaged the community is, as per an algorithm which measures DAO engagement, yields can go up / down. After all, more DAO engagement, means higher revenues in principle for the project which you can then use to reward every participant with higher yield. There is as such incentivisation for being an engaged DAO.

(These are all already being implemented by other DAOs / crypto - nothing new)

But the key message in all of this is things need to be funded properly. There is no such thing as a free lunch. Banks are making profits when they are offering 0.3 percent and can afford it / sustainable for them as they are lending the same amount (loan to deposit ratio) at a higher rate. Is it the case for you at 5.5%? How does the maths work?

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I love it when you come up with ideas like that! Why not make a topic out of it?

I’d say: if this Forum comes up with good ideas, we could make a proposal to discuss them live of online with management.

I totally agree David. Let’s putting practice. Brings good ideas to both projects and also things that can be implemented in the app.

A seamless app and card with transparency, security and minimal fees.

Very good ideas and I also would add hide balance button and also add more tokens/coins in the app and other blockchains would be perfect.