Where is the community support?

The level of vocal “project supporters” is appalling. Many times, as I am reading the TG communities, they are full of negative sentiment and outright childish behavior. When things are good, the chats are dead silent. Like many others, I too invested into both the CRPT and CHO tokens, so I can understand the frustration that comes with some of the services provided. Yes, there are some hiccups from time to time with card load delays, pending transaction issues, etc., but the team always gets it all worked out. Personally, this is why I do not contribute to the TG chats, because the majority of people complaining like trust fund babies, are only doing so because of token price. If we truly support the token and project, why would we be sh*t talking it in a public forum? Completely counter-productive to what we all want. Yes, Choise should take their community members seriously and remember that these are OUR FINANCES. They need to work on smoothing out their current service issues, but as a shareholder, investor and token holder, have a little bit of self-reserve and act like sensible adults. Lets get this DAO revamped and actually behave in a way that supports the project that we all claim that we do.

Hi Element,

I appreciate your message!

I express my point of view here:

I’m afraid the company behavior the last year hasn’t changed and so my opinion is the same. “You reap what you sow”.