App instability; make a proposal out of it? YES/NO

As a (almost) daily visitor of our App and our Telegram Community, I’ve experienced many periods of instability in the App (especially during CRPT pumps) and have read many comments and complaints on it in our community.

The complaints fall into 2 categories, I observed,

  • a complaint on the issue itself.
  • a complaint on the fact that many complaints on the issue have been generated, but there is no ‘signal black’ from the team. No acknowledgement.

A good functioning app AND acknowledgement of problems, I feel, are or should be (on) the basis of’s vision.

Do you think we should draft a proposal adressing the above issues? YES/NO (and why :wink:


YeS. It’s very important the app to be smooth, fast and available 24/7


Yes! Such an app should be stable irrespective of number of users. We have seen too many unstable periods and this should be solved.


I completely agree with you!! Whenever there is a huge pump in CRPT price!! The app makes it really hard to use the situation and make some profit. Investors should have confidence, in investing in the app. This kind of instability will take away that confidence.

They are giving really good interest rates, but I am afraid of buying and sending investments to the app because of app instability. This should be fixed.


Absolutely agree, app should be stable in all times of usage.


Thanks for the info everyone! We’ll pass your feedback on to management. Yes, indeed, there is such a problem and we are working on the application’s load tolerance. Will be gradually solved.


Dear Mikhail, thank you for acknowledging that there ìs a (structural) problem, and for taking it seriously, but we have known this for some years now.

What we -I think I can speak for all that replied- would like to hear what is causing it (so that we know that you know) and when it will be permanently solved.

In some ways your answer (including ‘forwarding it to management’) is like the answers/explanations we’ve had the last years, without any thorough explanation or plan of action coming back.

Maybe then you could also invite management to reply to this post?!


Dear, David
Large-scale work on improving the performance of the application is carried out by the team on a regular basis. As one of the examples that I can mention now is an updated registration/authorization system, that allowed our app to become more stable and carry heavy loads.

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Hi Mikhail,

Thank you for your reply. I’ve noticed the increased stability.

I notice, though, that my original post is from 3 months back, so your reply is somewhat late…

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App is running smoothly for me here. Did you guys noticed that? After the last update it’s running really fast.