Video update on Transparancy & Trust Strategy [#006]

Summary: that engages in transparancy regarding the safety strategy behind the handling of its clients funds and reserves and informs its community on its views regarding the suggestions made by Vitalic (Etherium) and CZ (Binance).

Abstract: recently the crypto world has been shaken by the collapse of Terra|Luna and the breakdown of FTX. Tens of thousand of people who put their trust in these projects have lost big time.
Calls for transparency have become louder. This time also from within the crypto community: the CEO of Binance and the guy behind Etherium have called for a way to earn trust, and offered a way forward: some sort of audit.
The CEO of our beloved was one of the re-tweeters of this important message.

Motivation: blockchain doesn’t need a so called Trusted Third Party, but companies that use peoples money in crypto should earn their trust. We expect to recognize this motive and act on it by informing the community on its point of view and strategy on these issues.

Specification: we propose a video update by on the issues addressed by vitalik and CZ. We propose that this update discusses a strategy on the issue of trust, transparency and regulation.

Conclusion: trust has been shaken in the crypto world, the issues of transparency, trust and regulation are now recognized as important by the industry leaders. As a community we want to be able to trust and be proud of it. As such we expect to come up with a transparent strategy on these issues and inform us on it.

Hello David! We have received your proposal. Your proposal has been forwarded to our team and we will get back to you with our feedback within 60 days.

Hello David!

Returning to you with feedback on your proposal, concerning the safety of customer funds.
In view of the recent events surrounding FTX, Celsius, BlockFi and so on, we recognise that this is a very important issue and rather than just give a written response, next week Vladimir Gorbunov our Founder and CEO, will be video interviewed by Austin Kimm, our Founder and Director for Strategy about such matters, with the resulting video being posted to the DAO community.

It is important to stress that the is a MetaFi company in that it is both centralised for some services, and decentralised for others. DAO part of the company of course covers the DeFi aspects and it is therefore relatively easy to answer such questions, nevertheless, your questions is perhaps even more applicable to the CeFi element of the company and therefore Vladimir will cover both the CeFi and DeFi services.

Video will be posted in this thread.

Thank you for your involvement!

Dear members of the DAO community!
As stated earlier, as a response to the David’s proposal we have recorded a video interview with Vladimir Gorbunov our Founder and CEO, and Austin Kimm, our Founder and Director for Strategy, discussing issues of trust, transparency and risk management in the current crypto market.