Abracadabra mission statement

Austin Kimm has explained that choice.com wants to make things easy to understand, focusing on ‘what’s in it for the client’ and letting out the fancy terminology.

In other words: Crypto even your parents would understand.

And then the first thing a newcomer reads when visiting choise.com is:

Choise.com is a MetaFi (CeFi/DeFi) ecosystem based on Crypterium CeFi solutions and Charism DeFi protocol, that reinvents how protocols operate with CeFi, reduces commissions up to 50 times and unlocks cross-chain high yield to 100 mln CeFi users”.

This, ladies and gentlemen, of course is complete abracadabra for somebody who’s tipping his toe into ‘crypo’ for the first time.

It now spells out ‘what choise is in itself’, but it doesn’t adress ‘what choise.com is or wants to be for the customer

My question to you guys: do you think we should slightly alter this -and other- texts on the site?

The change, I think, ought to be in the direction of easy language, aimed at the needs of the customer.

As example how we could also start the intro:
Choise.com is your guide along the way into crypto. Whether you want to earn, spend, trade or…

Choise.com offers you the safest, most transparant and easy tools, while offering multiple choices on how to reach your financial goals.

What do you think?


Yes,it should make it clear for new comer, with simple words,picture or animation,or slogan, let someone want to step in the field of crypto have a basic concept.
its better than using professional word such as defi cefi.


I agree with this… some simple educational posts tied in with promotions would go a long way. We can’t assume that new users will understand these terms… there needs to be some serious “hand-holding” to guide and inform. Also, explicitly spelling out the different roles that CRPT and CHO play respectively within the Choise / Charism system. Finally, within these efforts a solid effort to give equal marketing resources to both CRPT AND CHO tokens.