Better proofing / proofreading of all marketing and social media content for grammar, usage and context issues

Ensure concise messaging to current users & potential new users by enacting more robust proofing of all marketing, social media and promotional content language and materials.

It has become apparent that some social media posts’ marketing content and news updates aren’t received or interpreted properly by target audience due to improper language usage, grammar issues or message context construction problems.

This appears to be a simple matter of a “lost in translation” issue, where intention of messaging or content is ambiguous or non-relatable because of real or perceived language barriers.

This happens when target language is not the first language of the contents’ creator. This dilutes the impact and success of the contents’ intended marketing or messaging goal.

Clarity and conciseness are of paramount importance for all of Choise’s marketing and social content for the target audience so that the desired marketing goal is efficiently and clearly achieved.

I propose more robust proofing of all social media posts, marketing content and articles, prior to dissemination, by team members who are fluent in the contents’ language, and understand the subtleties of it’s usage, grammar and context, so as to more efficiently convey the desired marketing goals for Choise platform and all its products.


Hi Quimbleton,

I tend to agree in general that the language used on the site is often too complicated and I think that regarding the content of the advertising too much emphasis is put on APY instead of addressing obvious issues like ‘why trust’ with your money in promising high interest where others fail.

You mention that
It has become apparent that some social media posts’ marketing content and news updates aren’t received or interpreted properly by target audience due to improper language usage, grammar issues or message context construction problems.

In what way has this become apparent?
Could you give an example?


About 6 weeks ago a post headline used the amalgamated term “Chorrific” to describe token performance. While the intention was to combine the token name “CHO” with the word “terrific” the contents creator inadvertently took a positive word “terrific” and because of lack of fluency, ended up using the very negative word “horrific” which means dreadful or horrendous. This is a result of poor proofing. There are a handful of other examples along this line.


I agree. I noticed this many times.


That’s a great example! I hadn’t yet noticed, but if this happens more often -and I trust you on this, but keep adding examples, I’d suggest- this something that might be a put off, especially to native English/American speaking people who might associate these kinds of error to ‘not being professional’.

I agree that especially in short posts (tweets) or headlines we can’t afford to be ‘off mark’ language wise.


A simple example of this is the use of a fake word “retrodrop”. While I’m thankful I get to participate in this airdrop you can’t just create a word and act like it has meaning. While I also agree with the sentiment of this discussion I’m not sure this dao is the best place to address it. Items like this would be better to be discussed behind closed doors but unfortunately an avenue for such conversation hasn’t existed in a productive way yet.


Another example… there’s no context…

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Someone suggested the creation of a “Marketing” category for discussion and proposal topics.

Agree! This is a bad one.

Wrote this about it earlier:


  1. It took me at least 15 seconds to understand that this is a conversation between ‘the market’ and ‘’.

  2. The sentence ‘I drop prices’ doesn’t sound like it would be used often, so it attributes to confusion.

  3. Then market states ‘I insure their prices’, but one normally doesn’t insure a price, but insure something that’s valuable to someone.

  4. The tweet doesn’t directly adress potential customers.

Just a random alternative:

Problem: dropping crypto prices can take a bite out of your investment.

Solutution: offers you an insurance on your valuable investment.

Cartoon suggestion: a ‘market dog’ trying to take a bite out of somebody’s /people’s investment, but he’s restrained by a ‘’ dog leash, so the person/people happily proceed (leaving others with bites out of their investment in the background.


Actually, I thought this to be a nice one …

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Another example… terrible choice of quotes, the statement makes no sense… the usage of perspective is incorrect.


Agree 1000% Not having a proof reader fluent in English at this point is completely unacceptable.


Agreed!! They should have a proof reader.


It’ll be good if everyone put their thoughts on the topic here… bt i think i can’t figure it out, if it happened because of lack of gramatical skills, or the writer was trying to make something different or unique.
I suggest team should verify the content before posting.


Another one: ‘all the yields at yours fingerprints’

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Hi Quimbleton, I think this topic has gathered enough support and the ongoing problems with the texts at this crucial point in time call for a proposal right away!


Wow, I’ve never seen that one. It’s really bad….

What is the next step for moving this to a proposal to begin gathering support for approval?

You’ve gathered enough, I’d say. Congrats, :tada:, it was spot on!

You can now at ‘create new topic’-button create a new proposal. Follow the instructions in the template that is presented.


Hi Quimbleton, are you gonna make this topic into a proposal?! Errors still occurring…!