DAO Manifesto

Hi Community,

It is already evident that the DAO requires a clear, unambiguous identity with a shared Vision and Mission, underpinned by a common set of Values. A set of rules to guide the CHO community to rally around a unified cause. That’s why we have developed the DAO Manifesto so that we are all on the same page as to our purpose and that we all have the same focus.


PURPOSE DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that will give ALL users an opportunity to vote on the basis of their ownership of CHO tokens. The DAO is aimed at ensuring the mission to provide equal opportunities to every member of the community.


Provide everybody with equal opportunities to earn on their crypto assets in a risk free environment regardless of the level of cryptocurrency expertise.


We combine the functionality, security and simplicity of Centralized Finance with the earning potential of Decentralized Finance in an easy to use environment, removing complexity and risk whilst maximizing savings returns.



  • We will be guided by the voice of the DAO community in identifying the things that should prioritize


  • We will provide our CHO community with the information to help them make informed decisions when voting on actions.
  • All decisions will be documented with underlying reasons and rationale including the results of CHO community voting.


  • We will encourage the community to share their ideas so that they can be included in the strategic decisions of
  • We will operate an open doors policy. This means that every CHO token owner has reasonable access to the team to better understand tand to help them with any important issues.

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