Top features of Tokenomics [sharing opinions]

Hello DAO Community,
We would be glad if you could share your opinion and thoughts on the features that you think play the most important role in Tokenomics.
Will it be application of the token in various products, regular burning, high staking APY or any other – please, share your ideas in this thread.

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Hi M,

Thx for your question.

I sort of re-formulated your question as follows: “how to provide the best user-case for our utility tokens CRPT and CHO?”.

First of all, I feel that they should be aimed at increasing eachother’s value and/or increase/boost the mission of

Mission of now is ‘choise to earn more’, so I feel that owning a lot of CRPT or CHO (and thereby investing in demand of these tokens) should give you access to higher yield(products).

As CHO is the utility token of the DAO, obviously CHO will be used for voting and maybe other governance related issues, for instance: the DAO normally would/could/might have access to a certain amount of CHO it might allocate to funding (of an accepted proposal).

Then the question arises if utilities should be created that go beyond the DAO-functions and the mission of some people might want to use them in (access to) NFT-related stuff, gaming etc. Will expand into these domains? If not, then still CHO could have these utility functions in partnering companies or B2B-projects.

As DAOs are relatively new, and the future is in constant movement (who knew about DeFi 5 years back?) it might be a good idea to be able to add new functionalities/utilities to CHO in the future.


I would prefer if the company listed:

  1. All current utilities of both tokens
  2. Utilities that are planned to be implemented in the future

and then request recommendations or thoughts from DAO members

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I agree with you, Athos, although the process could be a parallel one for some time, of course.

I understand. But the issue with crpt utility is here from day one. Many recommendations were made many promises were made. Nothing was implemented. Repeating to the team over and over again with no implementation at all demotivates all of us…

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Hi Mikhail,
In the end, its about making more people to want to use our coins by solving thier problems vide the higher the demands, the lower the supply and ultimately the increase in demand. If we are convinced that we have enough utility to solve people’s problem, then lets find our markets and be more aggressive about it and if we dont let us look at the organic nature of our coins and find more problems it can solve. Afterall, utility means solving the customers problem(s).
Thank you

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